What to Know When Moving From the East Coast to the West Coast

Moving across the country can be an exciting adventure, but it’s also a highly stressful situation. There are dozens of details that need your attention. By employing some tips and suggestions for seasoned movers, you can eliminate some of the stress and trust that you’ll have a more successful relocation.


Before You Leave

1. Employ the One Year Rule

This is a good time to trim your belt and get rid of things that are just taking up space. As you sort through your clothes, tools, and personal belongings, set aside anything you haven’t used within the past year. Anything in that pile doesn’t need to make the trip. Throw it away or sell it.

2. No Need to Pack Your Clothes

Moving vans are expensive and the more space you need, the bigger the van you’ll need. You can cut down on the number of boxes you’ll need if you don’t unpack your dressers. Simply wrap them in industrial plastic wrap to keep the drawers from falling open and move the entire dresser into the van. This takes up less space and makes unpacking that much easier. If you’re using an interstate moving company, you can leave it to them to figure out loading the truck.

3. Move with a Plan

If you develop a written plan for your move, you’re less likely to forget to take care of vital concern. By writing all of these details out, you’ll have that visual reminder and, as you include the points, you do remember, other important tasks may also come to mind. It may be helpful to download a checklist app on your mobile device and track these details there.

Once You Get to Your Destination


1. Expect a Higher Cost of Living

Chances are you already know to expect to pay more since you’ve already arranged for a place to live. While California is the most expensive state on the west coast, places like Seattle and Vancouver are also pricey. This is partly because more people are heading to the west coast. For instance, the Seattle population has grown from 560,000 in 2000 to 660,000 in 2015. The increased demand that puts on resources has driven the cost of living higher.

2. Finding a Home

If you haven’t found a place to live yet, expect your hunt to be long and frustrating. Vacancies are in high demand, and even in neighboring Vancouver, the vacancy rate is just under 1%. Most apartments only stay on the market for a day or less, so be sure to move quickly, when you find something you do like.

3. People are More Relaxed

Most visitors to the area comment that people seem less rushed in the Seattle/Vancouver area and that includes their driving habits. Plan ahead, when you need to make an appointment because traffic is often heavy.

4. Talk to Your Neighbors About Utilities

Be sure to discuss utilities and other services with people in your neighborhood, before you sign up for anything. This may put a crimp in your family’s love of modern living, but it can end up saving you money. Neighbors may point you towards less expensive service providers, or they may offer you money-saving tips.

Making your way to a new city and getting acclimated, once there, can be a complicated adventure. By planning ahead and tackling one challenge at a time, you can make a move easier and more enjoyable.

8 Things to Know When Moving to Philadelphia from Boston

Thinking about leaving Boston and moving to the City of Brotherly Love? From Cheap Movers Philadelphia (744 South Street #722, Philadelphia, PA 19147, (215) 618-9686), here are eight things you should know before making a move.

1. Pick the right neighborhood

Just like every major city, Philadelphia has some fantastic neighborhoods and some others that you should avoid moving into at all costs. A list of the top ten neighborhoods in the city can be found here.

2. Figure out your transportation

Philadelphia has a decent public transportation system known as SEPTA. If you get to know the different subway, bus, and train lines, you should be able to get around fairly well. SEPTA’s website is a great resource for the maps and lines. Uber and Lyft are also very active in Philadelphia and are a great option for getting around. Owning a car is an option in Philadelphia too.

3. Be prepared for all four seasons

Philadelphia may not get quite as cold as Boston in the winter months, but you should still be ready for some very chilly days. As for the summers, they can get awfully hot and humid too. The difference between Boston and Philadelphia weather is not too drastic.

4. Enjoy the amazing food scene

There are constantly new restaurants opening around the city, and there is bound to be a few to catch your interest. Of course, there is always the Philadelphia classic, the cheesesteak, but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all you can find. A list of some of the top restaurants can be found here.

5. Try not to wear your Brady jersey too much

The city has a reputation for being some of the craziest sports fans, so it is probably in your best interest to keep your New England loyalty on the low.

6. You’re not getting away from the traffic

It’s a good thing you have had the chance to get used to the Interstate 95 traffic while living in Boston because Philadelphia deals with the same exact thing. It might be tough to say who has the worst traffic, but it’s a safe bet that the traffic will still be there. It is important to note that Philadelphia has a grid system within its interior which is much easier to manage than Boston’s streets.

7. Know your medical options

Philadelphia has some fantastic hospitals, and it’s always good to know where to go when an emergency strikes. From Penn Medicine to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, there will certainly be a qualified physician in the city for you. A list of the cities top hospitals can be found here.

8. Philadelphia and Boston have a lot in common

Both of these cities are full of American history and are still cultural centers today. Both cities are full of people from all walks of life and are welcoming to all. Moving is always exciting, and you won’t regret moving to Philadelphia.

Full Service Apartment Movers – NYC to Boston, MA

Founded in 1630, Boston holds an old-timey, big city charm that is almost unmatched in other cities across the United States. It has a strong restaurant scene, housing some of the oldest restaurants still in service, and as a world-renowned sports town, it’s home to Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium in America. Boston is also a smart city — it has world-class schools like Harvard, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, and MIT all within its city limits or just outside. With all of these, there are plenty of other reasons why many choose to migrate from the Big Apple to Beantown, however making the move can be somewhat difficult. So here are some moving companies to help you get on your way.


Nation Capital Movers

One company that offers service between New York City and Boston is Nation Capital Movers. They focus on both residential moves and commercial moves, helping those moving to a new house or a new office. This company is fully bonded, licensed, and insured to ensure that your belongings are safe while being transported. Every employee at Nation Capital is required to go through an extended training process that teaches them the proper way to pack your belongings to keep them safe and undamaged. This includes how to wrap furniture and pack loose items securely into boxes.

Nation Capital also offers storage options, both for temporary solutions and more long term needs. Sometimes you’re moving to a place where you’re not sure how everything will turn out, including the space in which you have to move things, so this storage option can often come in handy.

Roadway Moving

This is a company based in New York City itself, offering service for those looking to relocate to Boston. Roadway Moving is another company licensed, bonded, and insured, so you have less to worry about when it comes time to move your possessions a few states away. According to their website, Roadway has been ranked the #1 moving company in New York City based on efficiency and friendliness.

Roadway also offers various storage options for those looking to keep a few things in storage initially during their move. Willing to work with you throughout the planning phases of your move and throughout the quote process, Roadway ensures you get a move on your schedule.

Cheap Movers NYC

This moving company handles moves in all five New York City boroughs in addition to providing storage and long distance moving services. If you’re looking to head north to Beantown, Cheap Movers NYC can make your relocation easy and well, pretty darn cheap! Known for affordable rates, this mover reduces not only the stress of transportation logistics, but the stress on your wallet as well. Keep your moving budget in check with these Brooklyn movers.

Xpress Movers

With its City to City service, Xpress Movers handles your move between cities in what they call a “professional manner.” They offer to pack your belongings for you riot to the move as well, ensuring that even your most precious items are packed and wrapped safely. However, Xpress also offers Luxury Moving Services, which is advertised as providing an extra level of care in moving your antiques and other priceless items.

While great for your city to city move, Xpress also offers international moving services to help those moving homes overseas as well. They offer to provide a move that is free of stress and hassle for you.


Relocation Guide – What to Do if You’ve Just Moved to Boston

While Boston is one of America’s most historical cities, it’s also a modern hub teeming with local culture. From museums to sporting events to fine dining, there’s something for everyone in here in Beantown. And if you’ve just relocated to the city and aren’t sure where to start your exploration, we’ve got you covered! With the help of Cheap Movers Boston (http://www.cheapmoversboston.net | Tumblr), we’ve compiled the following go-to’s that are essential for every new Bostonian. Checking these items of your Boston bucket list can help you and your family feel more at home:

Freedom Trail

This 2.5-mile walkway leads visitors through 16 different locations that were crucial during to the Revolutionary War. You can choose to take a professionally guided tour or hit the trail solo. If you’re crunched for time or simply want to see the highlights, stick to Boston’s North End where you can see Paul Revere’s home and drop by the Old North Church where the famed lantern was lit. It’s a perfect outdoor activity for families and is fun to do in sunny weather.

Institute of Contemporary Art

For those who crave culture and fine arts, Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art rivals the MOMA in New York City and is known for its rotating art exhibits and unique architecture. The sharp-angled, glass structure was designed by Diller Scofidio and Renfro and is located near the city’s rapidly evolving Fort Point Channel district. The Institute surprisingly doesn’t collect artwork and instead features an evolving rotation of intriguing international exhibits and performances.

Back Bay Neighborhood

The Back Bay neighborhood is famous for its charming 1800’s Victorian-style houses that have become well-known throughout the nation. It also features charming boutiques, high-end retail, and antique stores that create a shopper’s paradise for residents. And with dozens of cozy coffee shops, neighborhood bars, and upscale dining options, it’s a favorite spot for Boston’s nightlife as well.

Charles River Esplanade

Stretching across 3-miles of the Charles River, the Esplanade is a lush, green park that provides plenty of riverside activities to residents of all ages. With canoe, kayak, and boat rentals, it’s a great place to see Boston’s landscape from the sea. The park also has many pavilions, playgrounds, bike paths, and barbecue pits as well, and is the ideal setting for weekend get-togethers or family gatherings.

Fenway Park

If you’re a sports fan, get ready to fall in love with Boston’s Fenway Park, one of the city’s most famous and beloved spots. Here, both locals and residents can catch a Red Sox game or go on a tour of the impressive stadium grounds. Afterward, visitors can also head directly beneath the stadium’s stands to the Bleacher Bar, which offers local beer and tasty American diner cuisine. There are also many favorite restaurants in the park’s neighborhood as well, and includes Island Creek Oyster Bar, which serves fresh seafood dishes and craft cocktails.